A colorful ValhallaFest parage in a forest with costumed participants and a smoky entrance arch.



In our sixth year, ValhallaFest is on the path to becoming the premier music festival in British Columbia, Canada. We celebrate creativity, community, and the power of live music.

We're on the lookout for passionate individuals ready to make their mark in various capacities, including music performance, dance, art, workshops, vending, and beyond.

Volunteers are also highly encouraged to join and become an essential part of the ValhallaFest family.

Scroll down for more details on all the positions available and how you can apply to join this exciting journey with us!


Support the festival's operations and get involved behind the scenes in various roles.

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A group of smiling volunteers from Valhallafest 2023 gathered on steps of a wooden cabin in a forest setting.

DJs & Musicians

Perform your music, whether you're a DJ or live musician, to energize and entertain the crowd.

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DJs at a neon-lit console with a vibrant visual display at a nighttime event.

Providers & Vendors

Offer food, merchandise, or services to enhance the festival experience for attendees.

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Person at a wooden bar inside a festival market area.


Showcase your talent in dance or performance art, adding to the festival's dynamic and creative atmosphere.

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Festival-goer dancing with a light stick at ValhallaFest at night.

Photo & Videographers

Support the festival's operations and get involved behind the scenes in various roles.

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Festival attendees sitting on the grass, relaxing and listening to a speaker, with a focus on casual summer attire and accessories.

Art Exhibits

Display your visual art, contributing to the festival's aesthetic and offering attendees a visual feast.

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A person in front of a portal-like artwork with dynamic light effects, creating an illusion of motion.

Activities & Workshops

Lead engaging activities or workshops on topics ranging from arts to wellness, sharing your talents and expertise with participants.

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A man operating a glassblowing torch at a craft station with tools, wearing a colorful hat and a crew badge.

Theme Camps

Create interactive and immersive environments where festival-goers can gather and engage in themed activities.

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Toy animals on a gravel surface with a tent in the background, suggesting a miniature camping scene.

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