ValhallaFest's Leif's Beach stage with Viking shield decor and bunting in a forest clearing.


Art Exhibit Applications

ValhallaFest is a fusion of music and art in the North. Our goal is to enhance the festival by showcasing stimulating art for participants to observe and interact with throughout the festival grounds.

We are a small, new festival and as such our budget is quite limited; additionally, with this said we would be happy to assist with the procurement of materials if possible. We have access to a lot of wood. Additionally, we can work to provide you with labor for the project if required.

Projects with the following characteristics are the most likely to be accepted:

  1. Three dimensional art
  2. Is lit up at night
  3. Projects which have an interactive element
  4. Projects that facilitate conversations and discussion
  5. Be made of weather resistant materials or be protected in some way
  6. Be made of weather resistant materials or be protected in some way
  7. Be structurally sound

The art/project can be pre-existing or still be in the design phase when you submit your application.

Important Notes

This application is specifically for people who want to set up a public art exhibit at the festival. If you are a musical artist or performer (such as a fire dancer), please use the musical artist form or the performer form.

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Thank you for your interest in applying to be an artist at ValhallaFest 2024.

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By joining us, you'll connect with a vibrant community, gain exposure, and contribute to the unique experience that is ValhallaFest.

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