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ValhallaFest takes place on private property 10km West of Terrace. While much labor has gone into developing the camp sites, it is still relatively untamed Northern BC wilderness. Rakes will be left on site if you wish to improve your little slice of paradise.

Want to escape the crowded camping? Trek into the forest a bit and find your own secluded oasis. Please note: Fenrir's Den and Thor's Elbow are generally reserved for volunteers & staff.


Public Sites

  • Lofn's Guild: Perched uphill near the stage, perfect for those who wish to stay close to the night's heartbeat.
  • Thor's Elbow: Follow the sandy trail by Odin's Clearing to a sandy escape, framed by majestic sitka spruce, a tribute to the thunder god's craftsmanship.
  • Odin's Clearing: Open and in the heart of the action, with ample parking.
  • Freyja's Garden: Venture down the path to a forest cathedral, offering expansive, shaded camping space amidst the towering cedars.
  • Norns' Well: Travel towards Leif's Beach and find sandy camping.
  • NiflHeim: High above the grounds at the start of the Coco-Valhalla Highway.
  • Kaze Corner: Tucked in behind AgeHa, shaded walk-in camping.
  • AlfHeim: Large meadow in the open air, space for RVs.
  • Coco-Valhalla Highway: RV camping near AgeHa.

Reserved Sites

  • Jötunn's Shadow: Where the artist and performers are placed.
  • Fenrir's Den: Volunteers and staff.

Packing List

Download our printer-friendly packing list.

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Amenities & Services

Quench your thirst at our courtesy water stations near the stages—bring your container to refill. For additional hydration, well water is available at the First Aid and Gate Cabins.

To cater to your convenience needs, porta-potties are placed throughout the site and will be cleaned and pumped out for freshness mid-festival. Please use only the provided single-ply toilet paper to prevent clogs, and notify our Grounds Crew for restocking needs.

Person at a wooden bar inside a festival market area.

Feast at our on-site food trucks offering an array of delicious fare, allowing you to savor the event without the need for off-site trips. We encourage you to bring all necessary provisions to last you through the festivities and to use the designated front parking area if a town run becomes essential.

While roaming the festival grounds, you may find cell service is intermittent, with the strongest coverage near the rainbow bridge by Asgard. Keep in mind that public Wi-Fi is not available, embracing the off-grid experience.

Illuminated food truck at night serving festival-goers.

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