Toy animals on a gravel surface with a tent in the background, suggesting a miniature camping scene.


Our Community

At ValhallaFest, we celebrate active engagement and encourage our guests to contribute to the festival's tapestry through their unique theme camps.

These camps provide a platform for community-driven experiences, welcoming all attendees, with age-restrictions applying only to specific adult-oriented activities.

The festival's landscape is ever-changing, mirroring the dynamic nature of the creative spaces cultivated by participants.

A colorful ValhallaFest parage in a forest with costumed participants and a smoky entrance arch.
To be featured on our official roster, apply for your theme camp here

There is a bulletin board in the marketplace where we encourage you to place a poster for your theme camp as well.

We also highly encourage making a sign marking your camp with some info on what your camp does.


Unleash your wild side!

Yearning to parade in that glittery cape? ValhallaFest embraces your unique spirit.

Swing to the rhythms, don a wizard's hat, adorn with glow paint, greet the dawn, and share a moment of connection (respectfully, of course).

Here, every soul is celebrated.

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Performer hula hooping at ValhallaFest with colorful stage lights.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer driven and a do-ocracy behind the scenes. Each campsite was discovered and named by the volunteer who first raked the spot for their tent.

Trails and art were created by volunteers who had a vision. As soon as the snow-melts we start meeting on the grounds for bbqs, fires, campouts and actualize our vision for the year.

A group of smiling volunteers from Valhallafest 2023 gathered on steps of a wooden cabin in a forest setting.

Land Acknowledgement

We are grateful to live, work and play on the traditional territory of Kitsumkalum, a galts'ap (community) of the Tsimshian Nation.

Archaeological evidence places laxyuup (territories) near Kitsumkalum Valley, along the Lakelse and Skeena River, Zymacord, and many special sites surrounding coastal and inland areas of the North West Coast prior to 1846 and as far back as 5,000 years BP.

An aerial shot of the Valhalla grounds near the Zymacord river.

We embrace the synergy between the great outdoors and the rhythm of music. Our event is built on respect, sustainability, and awareness, aiming to leave the land as we found it through principles like 'pack it in, pack it out,' adhering to fire restrictions, and prohibiting littering.

We encourage our attendees to join us in respecting the land and its communities, ensuring our celebration has a positive and harmonious impact. Together, let's make our festival a model of environmental stewardship and community respect, contributing to a sustainable future.

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