Overhead view of the Asgard stage during setup, with equipment and crew preparing for the festival.



Immerse yourself in the heart of ValhallaFest with our three enchanting stages: Asgard, Leif's Beach, and AgeHa. Each offers a unique ambiance, beckoning you to experience the magic of live performances and unparalleled atmosphere.


As night embraces the land, Asgard, guarded by its monumental gates, beckons. Here, ancient lore fuses with the rhythm of contemporary electronic music, creating an unparalleled atmosphere.

The dance floor, anchored by a towering sword, pulsates with energy, inviting the bold to dance among myths. Enhanced by 3D projection mapping and the unparalleled clarity of a PK sound system, this space transcends reality, inviting you to lose yourself in a spectacle of sound and vision.

A laser-lit DJ stage at night in a forest with a crowd.

Leif's Beach

Explore Leif's Beach at ValhallaFest, where the treehouse stage emerges from the sand, creating an energetic sanctuary shaded by the forest. Beyond the dance area, trails wind through lush ferns and vibrant undergrowth, leading to the beach's fine sands.

Here, a gentle, cooling breeze refreshes, making it the perfect spot for festival-goers to connect, celebrate, and immerse in nature's embrace during the daytime festivities.

Close-up view of a DJ on Leif's Beach stage, with the iconic stage shield in the foreground.


The latest addition to ValhallaFest, offering a tranquil yet vibrant live music atmosphere. Nestled among towering cedars and nature trails that light up beautifully at night, this stage is easily accessible, making transitions to Leif's Beach or Asgard effortless.

AgeHa provides ample camping space, ensuring quiet nights for restful sleep. With its outdoor theatre vibe, AgeHa doubles its performers this year, promising diverse live music throughout the weekend. It's a perfect blend of peaceful ambience and lively performances, enhancing ValhallaFest's variety and encouraging exploration.

A musical performance on AgeHa stage with vibrant butterfly costumes and face paint.

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